The Only Moment There Is – Coming to Bookstores Everywhere This April

the only moment there is photo

The Only Moment There Is takes you on a journey using intimate language and metaphors that will allow you to visualize and truly understand how the mind works. The mind is fueled by fear and doubt. It loves to “anticipate the future” and “remember” the past…but, it avoids the present, the now…the only moment there is.

As you consider new insights as they may apply to your life, go ahead and color your world too. De-stress, unwind, and color your worries away. Use virtually any means to color from felt tip markers, gel pens, colored pencils, and crayons. This “adult” coloring book does NOT come with adult language or sexual innuendoes.

It all begins with a line. That line can go many places. It can be added to, shaded, and more. And other lines may join it, each one on its own journey, bending, curving, breaking away, and maybe reuniting to the whole. MAKE IT YOUR OWN and enjoy The Only Moment There Is.

Dr. French’s intensive therapy training programs provide a unique, highly focused treatment intervention that effectively penetrates deeper defensive layers that are resistive to traditional psychotherapy. The results provide transformational changes that give a person the tools to maintain their awareness, in the only moment there is, while participating in everyday activities. The maintenance of this awareness allows a person’s true gifts to manifest, allowing them to “live” life rather than just “survive” it.