The Singing Bowl Press Release

The Singing Bowl by Roy Dimond book cover photo

Under attack from Chinese Communists and forced to flee his homeland, a Tibetan monk is given a daunting task. He needs to find a lost book and bring a way of life back from the brink. Armed with only courage and an ancient artifact from his monastery, the sacred Singing Bowl, the young monk embarks on a spiritual odyssey, filled with harrowing dangers and strange mysteries.

As the universe provides clues to his final destination at every turn, he soon discovers that nothing is a coincidence. On an incredible trek that takes him around the globe, the intrepid book-hunter meets the love of his life in Kathmandu, forges unique and dear friends in Egypt, encounters a wise student of Mahatma Gandhi, experiences the wonders of Machu Picchu, and discovers precious Native American secrets. This journey of a lifetime teaches him—and all of us—that the true meaning of any quest is wrapped within the experience itself.

In his effort to reunite a broken circle to keep his centuries-old civilization alive, through both tragedy and triumph, he realizes the greatest truth of all: the interconnectedness of all things and people, both seen and unseen.

About the Author:
Roy Dimond draws inspiration for his novels from a combination of experience and his varied explorations of such locales as Cuzco, Kyoto, Santorini, and Tsumago. Five years of research and travel reinforced with fifty years of meditation culminated in the Singing Bowl and its powerful message. Roy lives with his wife in Garden Bay, a small fishing village on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. When not traveling, Roy can be found in his log home overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, writing his next novel.

About the Publisher:
Green Dragon Books has been publishing for over four decades in the areas of self-help, business, finance, learning, and health.

The Singing Bowl is published in paperback, ISBN 978-0-89334-910-3, 522 pages, retail price $25.95.  Pub Date March 13, 2013. Advance reading copies are available on request. International translation rights are available.